NEXT Book 2018

Digital Fix – Fix Digital / How we can revolutionise the digital world

  • Anthology with articles from experts and NEXT speakers including François Chollet, Virginia Dignum, Stephan Dörner, Fifer Garbesi, David Mattin, Pamela Pavliscak, Martin Recke, Tobias Revell, Adam Tinworth and Nika Wiedinger
  • Question: How can the various problems facing our societies be resolved in light of digital technologies and their negative impact on social structures? We do not believe there is a simple solution. This is why the anthology offers a range of different perspectives.

Is there a possibility that the promises of digital technology could end up having the opposite effect? How can we resolve the various problems facing our societies today as a result of the negative consequences of the digital revolution? Strategists, designers, engineers, researchers, journalists, philosophers, practicians, entrepreneurs and artists present their solutions in this book. What they all have in common is a constructive view of the digital world in which we live. Published by Matthias Schrader and Volker Martens, the organisers of the NEXT Conference in Hamburg. 

The 10 authors

François Chollet

  • Software engineer specializing in Deep Learning at Google and author of "Deep Learning with Python".
  • Topic: What worries me about AI

Virginia Dignum

  • Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology and author of "A Model for Organizational Interaction: Based on Agents, Founded in Logic".
  • Topic: With great power comes great responsibility

Stephan Dörner

  • Tech journalist, online editor-in-chief of t3n
  • Topic: Luxury problems: How to overcome the paradox of the digital economy

Fifer Garbesi

  • Producer and director of Virtual Reality. co-founder of ARTandVR
  • Topic: Five pillars of ethical immersion

David Mattin

  • Trend researcher, columnist for BA Business Life and contributing editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books.
  • Topic: Welcome to augmented modernity

Pamela Pavliscak

  • Founder of the design research company Change Sciences and author of "Designing for Happiness: The User and Business Benefits of Positive Design".
  • Topic: Can we design technology for well-being?

Martin Recke

  • Co-founder of NEXT Conference, editor at SinnerSchrader
  • Topic: Digital Fix - Fix Digital

Tobias Revell

  • Artist and designer, co-founder of the research consultancy Strange Telemetry and the research and curational project Haunted Machines.
  • Topic: The imagination trap

Adam Tinworth

  • Digital publishing strategist, trainer and online journalist.
  • Topic: From innocent idealism to pragmatic fixes

Nika Wiedinger

  • Cultural scientist, philosopher, researcher at the Institute for Economic Design (IfW)
  • Topic: No way back?


Product information

  • Languages: German (print/e-book), English (e-book)
  • Design based on the existing book series – transformational products, product field
  • Approx. 200 pages
  • Price: EUR 29.90
  • Publication date: 18 October 2018


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